The Bead Barrette is one piece that looks like a stack of 7 pony beads!
Welcome To The Bead Barrette
​We have snap on hair beads that snap on like a barrette!

The Bead Barrette is an exciting and unique hair accessory designed for girls of all ages! Created by a mom who is also a former hair accessories buyer, The Bead Barrette was designed with one goal in mind... to make hair prettier....faster by adding beautiful beads into your hair
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Learn How to Bead Hair

The Bead Barrette is the perfect hair accessory for ANY Lifestyle!!! Wear The Bead Barrette while swimming, playing tennis or during any fun activity. The Bead Barrette is perfect for school, and is even allowed in many day care centers that have "No Hair Bead" policies. This is because with The Bead Barrette, they don't have to worry about toddlers stuffing their nostrils with loose beads! Yikes!!

The Bead Barrette can be worn on all hair textures!!! Whether you have natural hair, relaxed hair, curly or straight hair, The Bead Barrette works! Wear them at the middle or ends of braided, twisted or loose hair. You can wear one barrette, one hundred barrettes or anywhere in between! Stack them for a more dramatic effect or mix and match the colors!

The Bead Barrette is designed for girls and teens alike! Teens love the look of a few well placed Bead Barrettes. The Bead Barrette can even be added to hair extensions for an even more dramatic effect!

How does The Bead Barrette work? The Bead Barrette was created by a former hair accessory buyer that wanted to offer a faster and safer alternative to hair beads for her daughter and girls around the world. The unique, patent pending design looks like a stack of pony beads, but is actually one piece that opens and snaps shut in seconds. The interior of The Bead Barrette includes well placed teeth positioned to attach the Bead Barrette to braided, twisted or loose hair!
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The Bead Barrette, LLC was established to handle the manufacturing and sales to retailers and hair salons worldwide. Read on to learn more about The Bead Barrette. Thanks for visiting our site to learn how to bead hair!
Want to learn how to bead hair fast? Forget threading individual beads to hair and securing them with rubber bands! The Bead Barrette does it all! Simply decide where you want the beads in hair, and snap The Bead Barrette on! While it would normally take several minutes to apply individual beads to a braid or single section of hair, with The Bead Barrette, you can have the same look in seconds!  Check out the "How to" video on your left for a demo!

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#BlackLivesMatter!   10% Of All Proceeds currently being donated to Howard University.