​What is The Bead Barrette? 

Greetings!  I'm Jennifer Zachery, mother of two and a former hair accessory buyer.  Please meet my daughter Kyndal who is the inspiration behind The Bead Barrette!  Years ago, her day care center banned traditional beads from being worn in the center because there were too many incidents where toddlers would stick run away beads in their nostrils.  Well Kyndal had also been guilty of this common act of toddler curiosity, so I set out to find an alternative to traditional hair beads.    

When my search turned up nothing, God gave me the idea of The Bead Barrette.  Since then....  The Bead Barrette has been my passion!  

The Bead Barrette is not only allowed in day care centers, but it is a revolutionary hair accessory that is fun for girls of all ages, and saves mom a ton of time! This unique barrette can be worn with countless hair styles and hair textures to add beautiful beads into your hair!

Why The Bead Barrette? 

Moms (and hair stylists) everywhere spend a lot of time styling their girl's hair in braided hair styles. These styles are usually finished off with a decorative stack of hair beads attached to the ends of each braid.  Before The Bead Barrette came along, mom had to first purchase the beads, rubber bands and bead threading tool. Then she put the beads in the hair by threading each bead onto the tool, sliding the beads onto the hair, wrapping the hair around the bottom bead, then securing the beads with rubber bands. This was a cumbersome, and time consuming process!  Thank goodness for The Bead Barrette!
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About Snap On Hair Beads

Now the entire beading process can be replaced in... a snap with our snap on hair beads

The Bead Barrette is amazing because it.....

Snaps on like a barrette in seconds!

Can be worn at the bottom or middle of braids, twists or loose hair!

Requires no rubber bands nor bead threading tools!

Allowed in schools and day care centers that don't allow hair beads!

Allows you to change barrettes as quickly as you change outfits!

Is perfect for school, parties, beach vacations and more!

Makes the perfect gift for your favorite girl!

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~Jennifer Zachery

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